Lip sync and other new features for OptoFidelity Video Multimeter

OptoFidelity Video Multimeter has new features that make the solution more versatile and easy- to-use for multiple video playback performance measurements. New features help application and device developers to improve overall video playback experience with lip sync and video game frame rate measurement as well as with 4K video encoding. A/V Sync (lip sync) feature […]

Windows HCK Test Automation for Microsoft self-test certification

Microsoft recently announced a self-test submission model for the touch device and precision touchpad (PTP) certification program. Partners can now submit touch devices and precision touchpads for certification without sending hardware to WTTL/WPTL for full-test validation. OptoFidelity offers Windows HCK Test Automation to speed up this self-test process phase. Touch Panel Performance System, one of […]

OptoFidelity announces a resell partnership agreement with Software Point

Together with Software Point Optofidelity is able to provide a complete and cost-effective solution, QualityViewer Medical, for digital macro imaging and documentation of samples to pathology laboratories and other areas of medical research. Thanks to all-round expertise in cameras, integrated camera systems and software integration OptoFidelity can offer visual quality control and macro imaging systems […]

Basler published a success story of OptoFidelity WatchDog

One of our supplier partner, Basler, published a success story of OptoFidelity WatchDog. Read the article and see, what is the role of camera in measuring latency and reaction times in user interface with WatchDog. Article on Basler www-page

Smartphones comparison case study with Sofica

OptoFidelity and Sofica ( examined iPhones and other leading smartphones by measuring camera speed and quality, UI reaction and response as well as video playback performance. The tested smartphones were Apple iPhone 5s, 5c and 5, Samsung S4 -and Nokia Lumia 1020. In general, no matter which iPhone it is, it is fast, but other […]