Our Company

“As a company, we don’t define ourselves by our output, but by the challenges we solve.”

OptoFidelity was born under the northern lights of the high technology community in Finland. It was born from founders’ desire to experiment with multi-disciplinary technology and its capabilities. Dare to dream big has been something that we’ve been doing all the way. And as a result todays we are globally recognized pioneers especially in robot assisted testing & quality assurance.  Our customers are leading manufacturers of smart phones, tablets, laptops, automotive infotainment and industrial smart machinery.

The story has always been about solving our customer’s challenges. Building the trust and long term cooperation with world leading customers can only be achieved by technology enthusiasm. And above all – true team work.

Our solutions bring joy and satisfaction to millions of consumers worldwide by improving smart device user experience and quality. Therefore we are proud of our testing solutions and determined to keep exceeding the standards.

Our Mission

We help our customers to make the best smart devices in the world by automating and digitizing testing. We get things done and for us there is no such thing as mission impossible.

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Our Partners & Community