Test Solutions

Touch, force touch, active stylus, VR, display quality and user interface performance. These are all elements of user interactions that we can test and measure. Our robot assisted test solutions range from plug-and-play test instruments to fully customized, complex test systems. Especially relevant element of our test solutions is the comprehensive integration with our customers’ test systems. Almost in every case we are introduced with a complex testing challenge that needs to be solved. If none of our standard test solution platforms are suitable we design and develop a fully customized turn-key test system.

We know how to test chipsets, sensors, display modules, touch panels and final products. Most of all deep know how of testing all parts of smart devices enables the development of state-of-the-art test solutions which consider all elements that are crucial in building the best smart devices.

OptoFidelity Turn-Key Test Solutions

  • Test & measurement system architecture & design
  • Test application for device-under-test
  • Centralized test data collection and analysis
  • Robotics
  • Mechanics & hardware
  • Integration to out customers’ existing test environment
  • Bring-up and maintenance support


We work with customers in telecommunication, automotive and industrial smart machinery.

OptoFidelity Test Solutions Throughout Product Lifecycle

Consistency between testing technologies, test & measurement systems and data collection is a great benefit to our customers. Therefore utilizing our test solutions throughout product lifecycle increases visibility among R&D laboratories, production facilities and service centers.

In many cases our Touch & Test Suite forms the foundation in our deliveries. It is a comprehensive test software platform that consists of ready-made configuration and control options for various robots, actuators, measurement instruments, cameras and sensors.