Display Quality Inspection

Display quality contributes heavily to the overall quality and end-user experience of smart devices. An automated display quality inspection method is important in e.g. incoming inspection of display modules, production testing of display modules, and production testing of final products.

OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye

OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye is a display quality inspection tool for checking the quality of high-resolution displays from wearables to even the largest TV screens. OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye is delivered either as a fully assembled cabinet construction, or it can also be integrated into existing test environments. It supports all machine vision matrix cameras, so you can select an optimal camera solution according to your needs. Distortion caused by camera and lens is corrected by full spatial calibration feature.


GoldenEye supports all machine vision matrix cameras.

OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye Test Coverage

Uniformity | Gradient | Line & particle defects | Pixel defects | Brightness & contrast | MURA | LED hot spots | Light leakages

OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye Benefits

Extensive defect coverage| Sophisticated test results analysis algorithm guarantees fast test cycle time | Simple to set-up and use | Clear defect visualization and reporting

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