Audio/video synchronization is surprisingly poor with some of the most common video sharing services

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We continued to carry out our measurement case study reports with OptoFidelity measurement devices. This time we measured several video playback performance features of five most popular video services/applications: Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, YouTube and MySpace (only desktop version available). We tested both the desktop and mobile service performance. We measured the video sharing performance of the desktop and mobile service by using the OptoFidelity Video Multimeter measurement device.

What did we found?

Although the performance depends on the used device and internet connection, some features can be associate directly to the quality of the service. Even when other factors has been taken under consideration, there were some surprising lacks in the performance especially in lip sync (audio/video synchronization).

Overall all the video service performed well what comes to general playback performance like speed and dropped frames. All services performed better in desktop use. The most surprising result was that Facebook’s desktop service has bad audio/video sync error and the audio is surprisingly late, but it is far better than Facebook’s mobile application, which has even worse performance and weakest among all the services.

Have you noticed these differences when sharing videos through  video sharing services?

Are you interested how did video sharing services/applications manage the test?

Read the entire case study report here.

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