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OptoFidelity Articles

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Cosmetic condition of pre-owned smartphones - Test Case for OptoFidelity SCORE

13 October 2023


Cosmetic condition is an essential aspect to consider when purchasing a pre-owned smartphone. The condition is usually communicated to the consumer via a given grade. The grading scale ranges from A, indicating like-new condition, to D, indicating visible wear and tear. More often than not, these gradings tend to be subjective and vague.

Often, the grade information is sufficient, and the customer receives a phone that matches their expectations. However, this is not always the case, and the risk of a disagreement between the seller and the customer about the condition is apparent. Eventually, this disagreement can lead to decreased trust in the seller.

Improving consumer trust with automation

Using automation in the grading process can play a significant role in improving consumer trust. Testing automation can improve the quality and consistency of the grading.

Automation can help improve the objectivity, consistency, and repeatability of the grading process. A key benefit here is that the automated system performs the task identically every time and at every hour of the day, doing it without being subjected to variations in judgment, which is keen to human graders.

The detailed reporting produced by automated systems surpasses human assessment greatly, and that data is immediately available after the test run without extra reporting steps. This data offers transparency to buyers, providing comprehensive information about the smartphone's condition, including defects, wear, and cosmetic imperfections. Utilizing this data can help consumers make informed decisions and foster trust by ensuring they have precise information about their purchases.

Automatic grading with Optofidelity SCORE

To leverage the benefits of automating the grading process, we present OptoFidelity SCORE.kuva-20231006-081041OptoFidelity SCORE is a fully automated test system, powered with machine learning, for pre-owned smartphone grading and detecting of cosmetic defects. SCORE performs an assessment for all sides of the DUT and produces a grading verdict based on a fully customized set of grading criteria. See examples of detection results below:


These detection results can then be utilized to give the device a final grading verdict. In addition, this data can be used for consumer communication and other marketing needs.


OptoFidelity SCORE processes this data and gives out a grade based on the analysed data.

To learn more about our automated test system for pre-owned smartphone cosmetic grading SCORE visit our product page:

Feel free to contact us directly to get more information about our solutions:

Written by OptoFidelity