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OptoFidelity Articles

4 min read

FUSION Hardware Development Over the Years

16 September 2022

Since OptoFidelity launched FUSION robot for functional testing of smartphones we have been constantly developing it to meet the needs of our customers. Over the years FUSION has been used to test millions of smartphones with excellent repeatability.

FUSION provides extensive test capabilities and highly efficient test cycle time with minimal handling. It can be used manually or integrated into a fully automated test line with various types of feeder mechanisms. With FUSION measuring is more precise than human-made tests. This allows for a faster testing process and more efficient results. 

Have a look at the milestones and highlights throughout the years. Our continuous work ensures our products are made for our customers to develop their businesses and processes further.

Only changes to the previous version are noted

Version 1.0 (2017)

Version 1.1 (2019)

Characteristics Benefits
- Replaced internal Wi-Fi with Fusion-UFO à introduction of Bertta server - Wi-Fi can be configured from central point (Bertta)
- Replaced router with network switch - More stable Wi-Fi connection from DUT to FUSION
- Switched HAT to FUSION HAT - Reduced system complexity
- Switched to Linux as operating system - Improved repeatability of all audio test cases (loudspeaker, receiver-speaker, microphones)
- Additional sound insulation  


Version 1.2 (2020)

Characteristics Benefits
- Improved door mechanism - Additional test cases available (digital audio via USB-C, NFC)
- Added Service light - Improved serviceability
- Added option for light tower - Increased accuracy for camera sharpness test
- USB-C digital audio tool  
- Updated camera target  


Version 1.3 (2022)

Characteristics Benefits
- Larger light cube - Support for DUTs with wide-angle lens cameras
- New touch finger with integrated iOS mute switch tool (RADI version only) -  Additional test case (iOS mute switch)
- New suction cup studs - Reduced alignment issues with slippery phones


Our customers include telecom operators, logistics, refurbishment and repair centers, online sellers and marketplaces, and also insurance companies. Our efforts are driven by increasing the confidence and satisfaction among refurbished smartphone consumers. We bring trusted value to the returned and used smartphones market and will continue to do that also in the future.

Interested to take your testing capabilities to the next level? Contact us here.

Written by OptoFidelity