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OptoFidelity Blog

3 min read

Helping smart device hardware R&D teams with testing expertise

15 December 2019

The testing process during R&D of a new smart device involves many aspects. In this blog I will showcase some of the most important areas where we are the best in the world.

When it comes to the development of physical mass products, we work with most of the top-rated companies in the world. Why? Our competence in testing and our ability to help the customer in the early stages of new product innovation makes us unique. The competence of our metrology teams, especially our optical and imaging-related knowledge, combined with extensive knowledge of high-precision robotics, is unique in the world. An example of our competence in component testing is described in the blog Characterizing Diffractive Waveguides. Add an exceptional team and the ability to help customers to solve their problems and that is what OptoFidelity stands for.

We work with our customers as well as further down the line during manufacturing and after sales. For further information please have a look at further details at the Production Testing blog posting or, for tailored solutions, at the OptoFidelity Competencies site.

Examples of product categories where our methods typically apply

Originally, in 2006, we started working with two industry sectors, the smartphone industry and smart industrial equipment. Today our customer industries include smartphones, tablets, wearables, AR and VR HMD´s automotive infotainment, white goods, smart industrial products and the component supply chain of all of these products.

Our customers test and validate their component suppliers, verify the performance and capabilities of a product during the internal R&D process, benchmark the competitor products and finally verify the functionality and performance of their final product.

  • Touch sensor and haptics sensor performance
  • Smart device and infotainment system performance and reliability (HW&SW)
  • Smart device and Infotainment system functionality and connectivity
  • Display quality: uniformity, color performance, luminance
  • AR and VR performance
  • Microdisplay quality
  • Automotive infotainments

Test solutions for smart device R&D

The smartphone is an example of a typical smart device. Similar methods and tools are used as well to test stylus performance, smart card readers (POS equipment), automotive infotainment units and so on.

Typically the delivery includes our testing robot and/or precise test mechanics with imaging tools, light sources (if needed), test software and a test interface for the device under testing (physical and software).

The power of our testing tools can be explained with the help of some test data. Using test robotics and our advanced tools, it is possible to evaluate the performance of different phones, for example, as we did when preparing test reports. The iPhone and Samsung touch accuracy reports are well-known examples of this. Most of our customers use the test solutions as part of their internal development, evaluating the data between different HW or SW versions and learning how the development efforts in R&D impact performance. Read more about the way our customer Google is using our test robots in a PC Magazine article.

Benefits of robot testing in smart device R&D:

  • Accuracy and repeatability in testing: a test robot will beat any human
  • Validation and performance evaluation with reliable data
  • Date from chip level to complete phone testing
  • 24/7 testing through automation
  • Fast and simple setup: OptoFidelity Touch and Test software suite

How to get forward

The best way to get started is to contact our sales team and describe your testing challenge. We are very keen to hear it, and will most likely be able to help you. In case you want to know more before contacting us, have a look on our solutions pages for examples of standard solutions and study more. We offer standard solutions, customization and even completely tailor-made test systems.

We work with high confidentiality in all projects.

Ilmo Lounasmaa
Written by Ilmo Lounasmaa