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OptoFidelity Blog

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OptoFidelity Product Performance Excellence - Resolve performance risks before they appear

28 August 2020

We ensure the reliability, responsiveness and consistent performance of your product, all vital for the success of your brand. We can integrate performance test engineering into your mass production process to discover bottlenecks and challenges before and during the production.

Gain end-to-end system performance visibility with our shift-left approach

In a Shift-Left approach, testing is performed during the early stages of product design by moving to the left in the project life-cycle. Developers need to focus on quality from the beginning, instead of waiting for performance issues and defects to be discovered late in the development life-cycle. Shifting left enables project teams to test, provide feedback, and review changes & progress daily.

Get performance improvement recommendations based on comprehensive statistical analysis

We identify and run realistic Performance Testing scenarios on your product during the development cycle and compare results after any design or software changes. We offer expertise and in-depth reporting of performance test results in easily readable format, as well as the raw measurement data from performance tests for internal analysis

Apply technology-agnostic testing strategies suitable for any device, form factor or use case 

Our test strategies ensure accurate and repeatable measurements, allowing you to meet your requirements across the product portfolio or component selection. Our test platforms can accommodate variety of physical form factors, data interfaces, operating systems or provide component level testing.

Why choose OptoFidelity as AR/VR testing partner?

OptoFidelity has been delivering AR and VR test solutions since 2013. Our systems focus on measuring HMD performance in both spatial and temporal test categories.

  • Optimize the quality of the hardware and the software.
  • Achieve the best possible immersion and presence.
  • HMD IQ and BUDDY proven test platforms.
  • Custom solutions based on our platforms for your needs.
  • Optical metrology services such as sample measurements, training and in-house calibrations and system maintenance.

Try before you buy!

We offer measurement services, leasing and lease-to-buy options!

Book a meeting with us by leaving your e-mail address below.

Available systems are:

Written by OptoFidelity