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OptoFidelity Articles

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OptoFidelity SCOUT: Introducing a Versatile Image Quality Tester for Various Form Factor HMDs

23 May 2023

The Quest for Enhanced Visual Experiences:

In the world of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), the quality of the visual experience is of utmost importance. Issues such as uneven image sharpness, color inaccuracies, and other visual artifacts can detract from the immersive nature of these technologies. Consequently, addressing these challenges is crucial to improving user engagement and fostering wider adoption.


Flexibility to Meet Industry Demands:

Introducing OptoFidelity SCOUT, a new image quality tester designed to accommodate a wide range of form factor head-mounted displays (HMDs). Whether it's sleek AR smart glasses or larger VR headsets, this versatile testing tool aims to ensure a high level of image quality across different devices. Manufacturers, designers, and developers can benefit from its flexibility, enabling them to test various form factors without being restricted by traditional testing limitations. With its 6-axis robotics and adaptive device under test (DUT) holders, this tester offers convenience during different stages of assembly or development, adapting to diverse form designs.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Visual Performance:

Equipped with an array of features, Optofidelity SCOUT allows for a comprehensive assessment of the visual performance of AR and VR glasses. Leveraging advanced technology, it measures critical factors such as:

Screenshot 2023-05-15 at 14.31.22

  • Eye-Box: The location, size and shape of the area, where the user can see the displayed content
  • Field of View (FOV): The Angular extent of the visible virtual world
  • Binocular Disparity: Depth perception and stereoscopic effects
  • Checkerboard Contrast: Light/dark - contrast and its uniformity over the visible image area
  • Luminance Non-Uniformity: Changes in relationship between measured average luminance to the measured maximum luminance value
  • Chromaticity measurement: Measures the color displayed by the DUT with high fidelity
  • Color Non-Uniformity: Maximum deviation in CIE 1976 UCS chromaticity coordinates between the sampling points
  • Geometric Distortion: Amount of radial distortion across the visible image area
  • Chromatic Aberration: Difference in display optics distortion performance between display color channels
  • Michelson Contrast: Display image sharpness

Streamlining the Development Cycle:

By offering a single, adaptable testing solution, Optofidelity SCOUT streamlines the development cycle for AR and VR glasses. Manufacturers can expedite the iterative process of design, testing, and refinement, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced time-to-market. This accelerated pace of innovation ensures that end-users can experience cutting-edge AR and VR technologies without unnecessary delays.


In Conclusion:

Introducing OptoFidelity SCOUT, a versatile image quality tester for various form factor HMDs, benefits the AR and VR industries. Its adaptability, and comprehensive evaluation capabilities provide manufacturers, designers, and developers with increased possibilities for creating exceptional visual experiences. By streamlining the development cycle and ensuring superior image quality, this innovative tool contributes to the evolution of AR and VR technologies, bringing us closer to a future where immersive experiences redefine our perception of reality.

Learn more about SCOUT on our product page: OPTOFIDELITY SCOUT

Juha Lehtioksa
Written by Juha Lehtioksa

Juha Lehtioksa is a Product Manager at OptoFidelity. He manages BUDDY, HMD-IQ, TOUCH, and Refurb Products. Juha loves seeing clients being able to push their technology further with the support of OptoFidelity products. He has a Master of Science degree from Tampere University of Technology.