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OptoFidelity Blog

3 min read

Smartphone testing solutions by OptoFidelity

13 August 2018

We have been delivering smartphone testing solutions for years. It has been part of our company offering from day one. The testing of smartphones includes quite a lot. In this blog I will showcase some of the most important areas where we are the best in the world.

First of all, I believe it might be good to split the value chain of the smartphone business a little bit. In our company we are defining four major segments in the smartphone business: 1) Component validation, 2) Product development, 3) Manufacturing and 4) After-sales.


We are active in all these areas nowadays. Our most recent business area is After-sales services (repair) & refurbishment of used phones. During the early phases of the company, we focused on the R&D phase of smartphones. Utilizing our imaging competency, we developed video playback testing tools, touch performance and complete phone performance testing tools (link to our Youtube channel) for smartphones.

In video testing and phone performance testing, our tools are very widely used by different companies, including most of the top 10 smartphone companies in the world. As public references, we have customers such as China Mobile and Google. Here´s an old story related to our Google co-operation which was published by PC Magazine a few years back.

Test solutions for smartphone R&D

The power of our testing tools can be explained with the help of some test data. With test robotics and our advanced tools, you can evaluate for example the performance of different phones, as we did in some test reports. A famous example is the iPhone and Samsung touch accuracy report. Most of our customers are using the test solutions as part of their internal development, evaluating the data between different HW or SW versions and learning how the development efforts in R&D impact performance.

Benefits of robot testing in smartphone R&D:

  • Accuracy and repeatability in testing
  • Validation and performance evaluation with reliable data
  • From chip level to complete phone testing
  • 24/7 testing through automation
  • Fast and simple setup: OptoFidelity™ Touch and Test software suite


OptoFidelity solutions and technology in production

We have delivered over 5,000 test solutions over the years. Most of these are in factories, where smartphones, tablets and other smart products are manufactured. Our deliveries to the factory floor typically include the following elements

  • OptoFidelity high-accuracy test robots, OptoFidelity™ GoldenMov
  • our robot driver technologym OptoFidelity™ OptoMotion
  • customer-specific test implementations

After-sales and reverse logistics

We launched a totally new product line for smartphone functional testing in 2017. OptoFidelity™ Fusion is targeted for Android phone testing. It is clearly the most advanced and effective functional testing solution available. It supports more than 50 Android models from all major brands. One key advantage is that testing requires no HW changes to Fusion. Our intelligent software and high-accuracy robot takes care of adaptation to different product sizes and software versions. From this video you can see how Fusion works. There are already several million updated phones that have been tested with Fusion by our customers.


The latest addition to our smartphone testing solutions is OptoFidelity™ Test Factory. It has similar capabilities as Fusion for smartphone testing, but due to its new design, it can be easily adapted to tablet-sized products, smart watches and other smart industrial products. As the new design makes it even more versatile, it can support even more test cases than Fusion.

For more information regarding to our competence and experience, please be in touch!

Ilmo Lounasmaa
Written by Ilmo Lounasmaa