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OptoFidelity Blog

3 min read

Welcome to OptoFidelity 4.0

24 April 2016

”As a company, we don’t define ourselves by our output, but by the challenges we solve”

I am thrilled to witness the launch of OptoFidelity 4.0 and our new company blog with you. Our state-of-the-art technologies are being used for testing and quality assurance by the world leading companies in telecommunication, automotive and industrial smart machinery. I am proud of our multi-skilled teams in USA, China and Europe, working close to our customers.

OptoFidelity 1.0-3.0 – Where did it all start?

OptoFidelity 1.0 was all about developing video quality test & measurement tools for Finnish high-tech companies. We began our journey with my good fellows Tapio Koskinen and Kimmo Jokinen. Our biggest client back then was Nokia who was leading the development of handheld devices. OptoFidelity is still headquartered nearby the Tampere University of Technology campus area and Science Park with Nokia, Microsoft, Huawei and Intel for example. Hermia Science Park is a hub for high-technology companies with close ties to the university. Me, and most of my fellow OptoFidelity engineers, have a background from the Tampere University of Technology.

OptoFidelity 2.0 introduced our own test solutions portfolio that expanded to test systems for touch-enabled devices. Our revolutionary technologies especially in testing user interface performance were received with excitement in the global smart device ecosystem.This excitement lead our way to USA and Asia and we grew to be a global company.

OptoFidelity 3.0 has been our story during the past four years and it has made us a true partner to all leading smart device companies in the world. Our guiding principle has always been to work in a close cooperation with our customers in the frontier of new technology development. So it makes perfect sense that Industry 4.0 is accompanied by OptoFidelity 4.0. We want to be your trusted partner in developing the best smart devices and new kind of test systems required in the Industry 4.0 smart factories!

What is OptoFidelity 4.0?

  1. The best test solutions for new kind of smart devices – We are the recognized leader in testing smart devices and mining test data. We have technologies for stylus, force, hovering and front camera control testing for example.
  2. Partner throughout product lifecycle – We test and ensure quality assurance throughout product lifecycle from R&D component validation to final assembly testing during production. We have assigned resources and proven track record in delivery and bring-up of hundreds of test systems. We have delivered 1200+ test robot systems during past two years.
  3. Visibility and big data from production – Pass or fail type of testing is no longer enough, test data needs to be collected, analyzed and utilized in optimal ways in the Industry 4.0 environment. OptoFidelity 4.0 is your answer to these testing challenges.
  4. New level of service in smart factories – We place dedicated resources in immediate vicinity from our customers and reduce customer investments and operational costs with our service business offering. A recent example of our service offering  is the establishment of new service center in China during 2016.

OptoFidelity 4.0 is a result of world leading customers and revolutionary technologies that are tied together by our people with multi-disciplinary talent in test & measurement, robotics, digital imaging, software engineering services and data collection.

We are true tech geeks inspired by the challenging test missions. We leave no stones unturned as we seek to exceed our customers’ expectations over and over again. We are the MacGyvers of testing, and when others give in, we get things done.

What is your test mission? We’d love to hear it – OptoFidelity 4.0 is here for you!

Pertti Aimonen
Written by Pertti Aimonen