Broaden your testing options with Opto Touch test application for iOS operating system

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Opto ToOF_AppleStore_Icon+Touchuch test application is now available on Apple Store. Opto Touch is a new test application for iOS operating system and it can be used together with OptoFidelity test automation systems to measure several touch panel and device performance from end user’s point of view. If you already have OptoFidelity Touch Panel Peformance Test System or WatchDog, with Opto Touch application the system can be broaden for measuring Apple touch enabled product family. Also the upcoming updates can be easily uploaded directly from the Apple Store.

With OptoFidelity Touch Panel Performance Test Systems the application can be used for single-finger and multi-finger testing, as well as testing for coordinate accuracy, touch latency and gestures.

Additionally with OptoFidelity WatchDog User Interface Performance Measurement System the application can be used for user interface end-to-end latency measurements.
There is also Windows and Android test applications available for the OptoFidelity systems. The own test application for all the major operating systems expands the product performance comparison potential and makes product benchmarking easy.

More information

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