Video intro – GoldenMov robotics platform

Tags: Technology, Touch testing

Our newest product video introduces our most accurate, fast and versatile robot platform for robot assisted testing and measurement. We call it GoldenMov thanks to it’s rabit nature and modular, scalable and easy to customize construction.

One of the key features and real benefit for customer is that OptoFidelity GoldenMov combines axis synchronization, motor control, motor driving amplifiers and encoder feedback under OptoDrive Motor driving hardware. This enables motor controllers to synchronize without external control systems. At the same time Modular mechanical design enables efficient manufacturing, customizing, maintenance and re-use. Not to mention a wide range of test applications from touch  panel calibration, touch panels stylus, finger, force testing, UI performance testing, optical measurements, laser based measurements, tactile QC measurements with probe and many more.

Explore the video here or visite OptoFidelity GoldenMov product page here.

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