Testing Head-Mounted Displays

Motion-to-Photon, Tracking, Image Quality

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OptoFidelity offers products and technologies for Head-Mounted Display (HMD) testing. Our products test for

  • temporal characteristics such as tracking accuracy and motion-to-photon latency
  • spatial characteristics such as uniformity, field-of-view (FOV), chromatic aberration

OptoFidelity® BUDDY

OptoFidelity® BUDDY is a temporal performance testing system for head- mounted displays. It is designed for R&D, product development, calibration, benchmarking, device and content quality testing purposes.
OptoFidelity® BUDDY  is widely used among our customers in defense, consumer electronics, gaming, automotive, and healthcare industries.

Test Metrics

  • World locking performance
  • Motion to photon latency
  • Initial latency
  • Tracking accuracy and repeatability
  • Jitter (motion and stationary)
  • Drifting
  • Overshoot and undershoot
  • FPS measurement
  • Signal to photon
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OptoFidelity® HMD IQ

OptoFidelity® HMD IQ is a measurement system for validation of the image quality of head-mounted displays, and various near-eye displays and their optical modules over the full FOV and eye-box. It is designed for both product development and mass production testing. It is also used for benchmarking and for FDA approval purposes.

OptoFidelity® HMD IQ fulfills the scope of various tests under "IEC 63145" categories.

Test Metrics

  • Field of view (FOV)
  • Non-Uniformity (Color, Luminance)
  • Checkerboard contrast
  • Geometric distortion
  • Michelson contrast
  • Chromatic aberration
  • Color analysis
  • Binocular disparity
  • Interpupillary Distance (PD)
  • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)
  • Eye-box
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Blog posts

Below you will find our experts' insights on HMD testing and measurement results of popular head-mounted displays.

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