Improve the video playback performance with OptoFidelity Video Multimeter

Online video viewing is growing fast due to the development of high-speed wireless connections and the emerge of available video services. Second screen application performance, latency and jerkiness in fast sports videos, or mobile phones and cameras video processing time before showing the preview on the viewfinder screen are just few of the challenges that manufactures has to solve to guarantee uncompromised video playback performance and customer experience.

Watch our new video on YouTube and learn how OptoFidelity Video Multimeter can help you to keep your customers delighted with device video playback performance.

Video Multimeter is easy to use, non-intrusive solution for measuring video playback performance. It can be used either as a stand-alone, self-contained measurement device, or as a part of automated test system. The system contains intelligent sensor interface for additional measurements like audio. Video Multimeter is constantly updated, so it will keep up with the evolving video technology.

More information about Video Multimeter

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