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AR Metrology supporting Volume Manufacturing of Smart Glasses

AR metrology is an essential part of the manufacturing process for developing XR technologies. By incrementally testing the quality of XR products throughout the manufacturing process, it identifies quality control issues at their source, making them immediately fixable, hence speeding up the whole production cycle. This, in turn, makes volume manufacturing achievable for bringing high-quality products to this fast-moving market.

Our new White Paper “Streamlining AR Metrology in R&D and Volume Manufacturing” explains how AR metrology and high-grade testing is essential for the quality control of XR products, but this process needs to be automated, with precision, repeatability, and scalability. Only when these automations are in place, Volume Manufacturing can be achieved.

A sample excerpt from the paper:

During the R&D phase, it is possible to measure every detail that affects image quality. This changes once the manufacturing process begins. In the manufacturing phase, only a set of key parameters can be measured, as taking measurements for all parameters takes too long and delays production. An effective quality control system during manufacturing starts by identifying the critical parameters for image quality for AR/XR devices. Some of these critical parameters to image quality are:

1. Uniformity

2. Contrast

3. Modulation transfer function (MTF)


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