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Testing Apple Vision Pro: Performance Analysis with BUDDY

The highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro has arrived, capturing widespread attention with its innovative design as a spatial computer that effortlessly merges digital content into the user’s real-world environment. Are you curious to find out what BUDDY, our XR device performance testing robot, has to say about it?

We are excited to inform that we will be running a comprehensive evaluation of the Apple Vision Pro using the BUDDY test system. Our testing will cover a range of performance metrics for the Vision Pro, including:

  • Angular Motion-to-Photon Latency
  • Angular Jitter in a Stationary Position
  • Angular Jitter During Movement
  • Pose Repeatability (both Angular and Linear)
  • See-Through Latency (Photon-to-Photon)

We encourage you to stay updated and follow @OPTOFIDELITY for the latest testing outcomes and insights.

BUDDY is preparing to test Vision Pro.

Jani and Murat testing out Vision Pro 

Enhancing AR/VR/MR Glasses Performance with BUDDY

BUDDY is an end-to-end performance testing system for AR/VR/MR glasses tracking and latency. It enables the testing of components and assemblies that affect tracking and temporal characteristics.

BUDDY can be used in research and development to reduce development time, as well as on manufacturing lines for statistical quality control. It is also being used by network providers to study network performance effects on the content stream. Read more about BUDDY.


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