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Optics Manufacturing Capabilities at OptoFidelity Zhuhai Cranked up to Eleven

A substantial increase in optics manufacturing capabilities has been made at the OptoFidelity  Zhuhai facility with the introduction of a newly renovated, cleanroom-equipped optics manufacturing floor within the OptoFidelity Zhuhai campus. With over 1200 sqm (13000 sqft) of shop floor space, this new addition to the existing manufacturing and metrology capabilities at the Zhuhai facility elevates the OptoFidelity optics manufacturing capacity to a whole new level.


In addition, the new floor includes two independent cleanrooms with separate access controls to allow OptoFidelity standard optics production and IP-sensitive custom manufacturing concurrently. Both cleanrooms feature individual built-in dark rooms for QC and calibration instrumentation to be seamlessly integrated into the manufacturing flow. OptoFidelity’s impressive optics lab instrumentation is readily available for troubleshooting right across the corridor on the same floor, as well as quality control, part preparation, and troubleshooting facilities.


For custom, built-to-spec optical system deliveries, scalable optics manufacturing is an essential addition to the already impressive system integration capabilities of the OptoFidelity Zhuhai complex. Our customers can enjoy the convenience of having all steps of the manufacturing flow under one roof and leverage an existing supply chain for components and optical parts.

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World-class Optical Metrology Expertise

OptoFidelity has a renowned, world-leading metrology expertise in the AR/VR/XR technology area. By leveraging this competence, we have realized a robust, scalable, and traceable line of manufacturing and QC equipment specifically for optics manufacturing. Combined with the impressive integration and manufacturing capabilities, OptoFidelity has a unique advantage in enabling large-scale manufacturing of customer-specific designs.

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