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OptoFidelity Announces New Distributor Agreement with ScreenCouples for South Korea

3 JUNE 2024 – TAMPERE, Finland — OptoFidelity, a top provider of advanced test systems for smart devices, has recently expanded its reach by partnering with a new distributor in South Korea. ScreenCouples is a market-leading technology company in Korea specializing in Extended Reality (XR) hardware and software solutions.

ScreenCouples will resell OptoFidelity’s products, including Production IQ, BUDDY, WG-GAT, and WG-IQ. This partnership will leverage ScreenCouples’ expertise and local support capabilities to enhance OptoFidelity’s presence in the Korean market.

ScreenCouples will primarily serve large corporate XR labs, companies involved in XR device production, government research institutes, and companies utilizing waveguide technology. By aligning with these customer demographics, ScreenCouples aims to deliver high-quality measurement solutions and ensure optimal customer satisfaction.

Wan Lim, CEO at ScreenCouples commented on the partnership, stating, “As OptoFidelity’s distributor partner in Korea, we look forward to pioneering the market and building a robust customer support infrastructure. Our local presence and understanding of customer needs will enable us to provide comprehensive support and enhance the value of OptoFidelity’s products in the region.”

“Looking ahead, the cooperation between OptoFidelity and ScreenCouples aims to expand beyond distribution. The partnership envisions ScreenCouples providing on-site support and becoming a key domestic distributor partner, facilitating the integration of OptoFidelity’s advanced technologies into the Korean market,” says Pekka Laiho, Chief Business Officer at OptoFidelity.


About ScreenCouples

ScreenCouples is a market-leading company in Korea, focusing on high technology and major customers in the XR hardware and software field. Serving large corporate XR labs, government research institutes, and companies using waveguide technology, ScreenCouples is dedicated to advancing technology and customer satisfaction in the region.

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