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OptoFidelity Launches Production IQ Image Quality Test System to Accelerate Volume Manufacturing of XR Waveguides

14 MAY 2024 – DISPLAY WEEK, San Jose, California OptoFidelity has launched Production IQ, a fast and easy-to-use test system designed for AR waveguide volume manufacturing. With its highly advanced metrology, OptoFidelity Production IQ ensures that waveguides are precisely tested at each phase of the manufacturing process, providing consistent quality control, and supporting cost-effective scalability and operational efficiency of waveguide production. OptoFidelity Production IQ is the optimal solution for high-standard testing and is a must-have for streamlining the waveguide manufacturing process. 



Lasse Lepistö, CEO of OptoFidelity said, “This launch celebrates the strides we have made in empowering manufacturers to speed up their breakthroughs in the fast-moving, competitive XR market. Our expertise in optical metrology is second to none, and we are setting the standards in this space, establishing us as the most reliable partner for manufacturers seeking precise and scalable testing systems. This represents a new and exciting phase of growth for our company." 


OptoFidelity Production IQ is the first offering for waveguide manufacturing – a user-friendly and fast image quality testing system. It is designed to meet predetermined metrics and quality standards to ensure that pilots and high-volume manufacturing of XR waveguides achieve optimal throughput and yield. The first Production IQ products will be available for shipping in 2024, and it is expected to be generally available from Q1 2025. 


Streamlined testing made for manufacturing 

Manufacturers are under pressure to produce XR materials to the strictest levels of quality control while ensuring a cost-effective and streamlined production. OptoFidelity Production IQ brings the highest standards in metrology testing at each stage of the manufacturing process. The unique aspects of OptoFidelity Production IQ include simplified motion control, integration with automatic handlers, and cross-correlation with multiple testing units at varying phases of the production stream. 


Correlation of metrology between R&D and production 

OptoFidelity Production IQ brings precisely the same measurement parameters as OptoFidelity’s product for the R&D testing environment, WG-IQ. Key quality control metrics are defined in R&D, creating a pass/fail and sorting system for the manufacturing phase. This seamless correlation brings consistent values and results, so that lower quality materials are prevented from going downstream, sparing further expense on them. By ensuring only the highest quality units are fully produced, this increases operational efficiency on the production floor. 


The best metrology innovators in the world 

OptoFidelity’s metrology experts bring the highest level of knowledge and innovation in the global market. Production IQ’s cutting-edge metrology equipment is leveraged for in-depth uniformity, efficiency, contrast, luminance and color analysis. Manufacturers’ decision-making can be tailored using an API for customer-specific analysis. OptoFidelity Production IQ also performs self-checks, ensuring consistently high standards are maintained, so the system is always in alignment and ready for measurements. 


Visit the Production IQ page


About OptoFidelity 

OptoFidelity provides advanced testing systems that help smart device manufacturers bring innovative products faster to the market. 

Our optical metrology products and solutions are renowned for their precision, repeatability, and traceability. They minimize the risks and offer our customers a clear view of their product development and manufacturing quality. OptoFidelity is defining the standards for assessing the quality of AR/VR/MR waveguides and devices, setting a new benchmark for image excellence, and paving the way for XR technologies to become a part of our everyday lives. 


OptoFidelity is trusted by technology leaders, including Google, Samsung, MagicLeap, Lenovo, poLight, and XReal.  


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