New product demo videos

Tags: Technology

We love to show what our robots and test systems can do and the best way to demonstrate that online are – product demo videos of course.

For the Productronica 2017 we created new demovideos of the two products we have developed significantly.

The first video is about OptoFidelityTM GoldenEye –  our automated display inspection system helps you to detect display impurities and quality problems of high quality displays. The system architecture is scalable and centrally administered and provides tailored installation and result analysis according to customer needs. You can see the video on YouTube here.

The second video is an intro about our optimal solution for robot assisted test & measurement.  We call the system OptoFidelityTM GoldenMov. With linear motors, OptoFidelityTM GoldenMov creates perfect balance of high speed and accuracy with low maintenance and optimal footprint, offering maximum cost benefit. You can see the video on YouTube here.

If you want directly more information, you can contact We are more than happy to introduce products even more thoroughly.

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