New product video launched: OptoFidelity™ Touch and Test Platform with 6-axis robot

Tags: Touch testing

More freedom and accuracy for testing

Core of OptoFidelity’s test systems, OptoFidelity™ Touch and Test (TnT) Software Suite is now updated. Our new demo video with 6-axis robot demonstrates the new features that makes testing significantly more flexible and more accurate than with off the shelf robots. You can watch the video on YouTube here.

Highlights of the new TnT version are:

Support for full 3D coordinate system
Capability to position DUT’s on any angle
Camera based DUT positioning
Easy to operate in the context of DUT
Tilt and azimuth control for stylus testing
Accurate pen tip calibration
Support for multiple tools in one test system
Quick tool and effector change on the fly
Integrated calibration for 6-axis industrial robot

Touch and Test Suite in a nutshell:

OptoFidelity™ Touch & Test Suite is a test and measurement software which we built to ease the testing of smart devices. The suite is a key element in all our touch performance measurements, functional testing and user interface performance test systems.  It enables our customers to build complete, fully automatic test systems, and supports configuration and controlling of several different robot platforms. OptoFidelity™ Touch & Test Suite has a several ready test cases and analysis as well as generic and adaptable UI for entering test parameters and limits that you can easily use in test applications.  Read more about the Suite here. 

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