OptoFidelity Reveals New Solution for Measuring Head Mounted Device Image Quality

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We at OptoFidelity are happy to introduce a new image quality testing solution for AR/VR head mounted devices – OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye HMD IQ!

OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye HMD IQ

OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye HMD IQ is a complete station to test near eye displays (NED) that include an image source (display) and projection optics. GoldenEye HMD IQ is designed to provide fast cycle time to test the assembled near eye display at production.

Test coverage of GoldenEye HMD IQ includes eyebox, inter pupillary distance, field of view (FOV), geometric distortion, chromatic aberration, modulation transfer function (MTF), checkerboard contrast, mura and relative luminance.

OptoFidelity™ HMD Eye

The key part of the GoldenEye HMD IQ is the imaging unit called HMD Eye. HMD Eye includes a calibrated camera and purpose built lens combination.

In recent years we have developed solutions for different areas of AR/VR user experience, including temporal quality validation and quality of AR/VR components like light guides. Based on recent developments in the AR/VR hardware and firmware, we believe the AR/VR technologies start to be good for wider usage. Read our previous blog post about AR&VR companies predict breakthrough for Industrial XR in 2019 – Round table discussion by Finland XR Ecosystem.

Come and see OptoFidelity™ GoldenEye HMD IQ live in action at SID Display Week 2019 exhibition. You’ll find us at booth #333. To book a meeting with us please contact our sales team at sales (at) optofidelity.com

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