Test report: Smartphone Video playback performance comparison of three market leaders

Tags: Smartphone, Technology

Consuming of video has exploded. This has impact to consumer choices. Video playback performance has become one of the most important selection criteria for a smartphone.  No matter how good is the video content, a crappy video playback performance can ruin the whole message – or phone’s user experience. How can you evaluate smartphone video playback performance? By trying to test it in a shop?

We, @OptoFidelity have technology and competence to measure this. Our technology is used by most of the industry giants themselves. So let´s see what we could figure out. Here´s little background of our test setup and, if you follow the link, you will find the full test report.

We wanted to know how the smartest phones perform when watching local video or video directly from YouTube via cellural or Wi-Fi network. So we tested three smartphone giants Huawei P9, iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7 with our Video Multimeter.

Read the report here and learn are the phones smooth operators or bumpy performers. 


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