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OptoFidelity News

2 min read

Finnish expertise on touch screen testing and machine vision enters Silicon Valley – OptoFidelity Ltd makes a major breakthrough and investments

6/2/15 2:00 PM

OptoFidelity Ltd, a company based in Tampere, Finland, specializing in testing touch screen devices and machine vision is on a strong growth path. In 2014, the company turnover increased from 3.6 million euro to 5.6 million euro. During the first quarter of 2015, the accumulated turnover has been 244% higher than during the same three-month period in 2014. In total, this year’s turnover is expected to nearly double compared to 2014.

OptoFidelity’s strong growth results from the strategic business decisions made in 2014. In Finland, the company focuses on providing design and specialist consultation services for customers’ research and product development units. Internationally, OptoFidelity focuses on its Lifelike Testing business that simulates human behaviour in user interface testing. ’At the beginning of the year, we had several strategic paths to choose from. The decisions we then made have now proven to be the right ones. We want to extend our thanks to our committed team that allowed us to gain the trust of important customers with international operations and thereby break into the big leagues. This is a big deal!’, says Antti Sivula, Chairman of the Board at OptoFidelity.

OptoFidelity has invested in international business for five years. At the beginning of this year, OptoFidelity founded a subsidiary company in Silicon Valley in the United States. The local company develops customer relations and improves the customer service reach on the West Coast. OptoFidelity is also expanding its operations in the Far East in order to invest in growth and to provide local support for its current customers and resellers. In addition to China Mobile and other Chinese customers, OptoFidelity also has long-term cooperation contracts elsewhere in mainland China, Taiwan and Korea.

Ten years of work now bear fruit – mobile expertise in Tampere boosts company growth

OptoFidelity’s success is a result of long-term determined work. ’Visiting the headquarters of the world’s leading companies as a genuine, welcome cooperation partner feels simply amazing. We owe a lot to the Tampere mobile technology expertise cluster. We also want to recognize the important work carried out by the Tampere University of Technology”, praises Pertti Aimonen, OptoFidelity CEO. During the next year, OptoFidelity will significantly invest in developing the cooperation with the neighbouring University. The expectations for the Kampusareena cooperation hub between the University and local businesses are high.

OptoFidelity recently celebrated its 10-year history in Tampere. During the past 10 years, the company has built a solid position as one of the most important development partners for machine vision solutions in the Nordic countries, earning the company recognition as a specialist in measurement and testing technologies by the US-based National Instruments. At the same time, OptoFidelity has gradually accumulated significant global growth business based on Finnish mobile technology expertise.

Solutions based on OptoFidelity’s Human Simulator technology platform are today used globally in the product development, production and quality assurance processes of the world’s leading mobile operators, car manufacturers and chipset and smartphone manufacturers. The company’s customers and partners include National Instruments, Symbio, PKC Electronics as well as several smartphone and touch sensor manufacturers.

Additional information
(UTC/GMT +2)
CEO & President
Mr. Pertti Aimonen
tel. +358407749259
Skype: aimonpe


Vice President, Test Automation
Mr. Ilmo Lounasmaa
tel. +358407447599
Skype: lounasmaa
OptoFidelity is an agile, profitably growing technology company specializing in test and measurement automation, machine vision systems as well as engineering design services. Our products and services are born from the great Finnish pioneering and engineering spirit, our genuinely diverse expertise and our desire to create new alternatives to tried and tested solutions. Today, OptoFidelity employs nearly 50 professionals in the fields of software design, automation, data collection, audio, signal processing and machine vision applications, in the same creative pioneer spirit.

Topics: News

Annu Laine
Written by Annu Laine