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OptoFidelity News

2 min read

Lip sync and other new features for OptoFidelity Video Multimeter

3/28/14 11:05 AM

OptoFidelity Video Multimeter includes now new features which make this solution more versatile and easy- to-use for multiple video playback performance measurements. The new features help application and device developers to improve overall video playback experience with lip sync and video game frame rate measurement as well as with 4K video encoding.

A/V Sync (lip sync) feature

Lip sync issues are a serious problem in digital broadcasting technologies and iP-based streaming. OptoFidelity Video Multimeter is now extended with an option to measure also lip sync. This solution measures audio / video synchronization continuously in milliseconds over a test video. The measurement is not bound to any technology, software or hardware, and carries out the analysis from the user point of view.

A/V Sync feature shall be released during Q2/2014.

Video game frame rate (FPS) benchmarking

Frame rates in video games refer to the speed at which the image is refreshed. Typically frame rate is expressed in frames per second, or FPS. Many underlying processes like collision detection, physics engine, network processing etc. run at different components and also at different frequencies on a computer. Video game FPS affects the player’s experience in several ways. For example, low FPS does not provide good illusion of motion, while varying FPS produces uneven, “choppy” or “jerky” movement or animation. OptoFidelity Video Multimeter has been developed for measuring this video playback experience. Now the first Android 3D test application is available for true FPS measurement and benchmarking.

Android application is available from OptoFidelity as per request.

4K video and H.265 capable Test Video Generator

Ultra high definition video resolution (4K, Ultra HD) TV sets are already available from many manufacturers. On-demand content is also soon available in streaming format, starting on 2014 with Netflix. YouTube and Vimeo both already allow the uploading of 4K resolution videos. HEVC encoder (H.265) is practically mandatory for operating with Ultra HD resolution videos, because of the bandwidth requirements.

The video playback of these formats can be measured with Video Multimeter, and test videos can be generated with OptoFidelity Test Video Generator.

4K / H.265 -capable Test Video Generator is available from OptoFidelity as per request.

Easy measurements with remote control API

OptoFidelity Video Multimeter now joins the collection of OptoFidelity’s Test and Measurement devices, which have a support for remote control. Video Multimeter can be controlled via USB from Windows and Linux. Measurements can be started and stopped, and results can be transferred by using simple ASCII-based API. Even the test content can be created dynamically, if needed, thanks to OptoFidelity Test Video Generator’s command-line tool.

Remote control feature shall be released during Q2/2014.


OptoFidelity Video Multimeter is a professional measurement solution for measuring the true and objective video playback performance of mobile, tablet or any multimedia device.

 Read more on Video Multimer product page.

Need more information? Contact: sales “@”

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Annu Laine
Written by Annu Laine