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OptoFidelity News

3 min read

NEW Videos of our Display Inspection and Touch Performance Testing Solutions

2/6/19 8:45 PM

Usually every year, a few days before the Christmas holidays it gets a bit quiet at the office. Well, year 2018 wasn't an exception but for our marketing department this "silent era" was a great opportunity to create some new video material of our products and technologies.

Check the new videos from below - and don't hesitate to contact us in case you like what you see! All of our latest public videos can be seen here.

OptoFidelity™ GOLDENEYE - Scalable All-In-One Display Inspection Solution

Video shows the whole display inspection process, different test cases, user interface, rest results and analysis.

OptoFidelity™ Touch Panel Performance Tester - Fast and the most accurate touch performance tester for smart devices

Video is about testing touch performance with TOUCH solution accompanied with a simple one-finger actuator.

OptoFidelity™ Touch Panel Performance Tester featuring STAFF (stylus tilt, azimuth and force feedback) actuator

This video presents the TOUCH solution including an actuator for stylus testing.

OptoFidelity™ Touch Panel Performance Tester featuring an actuator for End-to-End Touch Up & Down Latency measurement

This video shows a method to measure touch latencies on a smart device.

Annu Laine
Written by Annu Laine