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OptoFidelity News

1 min read

We are hiring: Supply Chain Manager

12/31/14 9:55 AM

As our operations grow, we are now looking for a Supply Chain Manager, who would, in particular, be in charge of the supply chain, procurements and subcontracting work of our test automation products, as well as the operations and production development of OptoFidelity's HW engineering and manufacturing team.

Are you a top procurement expert interested in taking on a wide range of tasks as the supervisor of a small HW team? Can you build efficient subcontracting chains and actively develop supplier relations? Do you have management experience and the desire to develop both your own and the team's operations?

 As OptoFidelity's Supply Chain Manager, your responsibilities include:

  • The HW team's customer projects
  • Management of the HW team's order and delivery pipeline (stock) and forecasts
  • The procurement of components related to fine mechanics, test automation, mechanical engineering, prototype manufacturing and electronics
  • The development of purchase processes and systems
  • Subcontracting and supplier contract negotiations, agreements and development
  • Supervision of the HW team
  • Development of the production process

 We expect a suitable candidate to especially have:

  • Several years of experience and credentials in running international production and delivery projects, supply chain management and supplier negotiations
  • Experience in management and project lead roles
  • Fluency in English
  • Readiness for travel
  • Experience in international environments, particularly operating in Asia, is considered an advantage.

At OptoFidelity, we are dedicated when it comes to work, but we also value creativity and a relaxed and supportive working environment. We are world-class professionals who value new innovations and are passionate about what we do. We want our work to be pleasant and make a difference, and we invest heavily in the development of our working community.

If we've piqued your interest in this position and OptoFidelity, please submit your application by January 18 to

Further information:

For further information on the position, please contact Development Manager Karoliina Hälli on Wednesday, January 7 or Thursday, January 8 between 9 a.m. and 12 noon by calling +358 41 5353 276. You can also request further information by e-mail

Topics: News

Annu Laine
Written by Annu Laine