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OptoFidelity News

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OptoFidelity and TactoTek Partner in Developing Automated Production Test Systems for Printed Electronics and Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE™)

28 May 2019

OULU, FINLAND/TAMPERE, FINLAND (28 May 2019) – Today, OptoFidelity, a leader in robot assisted test automation for smart devices, and TactoTek, the global leader in injection molded structural electronics (IMSE™) solutions, announced that OptoFidelity is developing automated production test systems for IMSE parts.

OptoFidelity and TactoTek collaborated to develop the test systems to meet the specific requirements of in-mold electronics:  OptoFidelity bringing smart device test automation expertise, and TactoTek contributing IMSE expertise.

The OptoFidelity system tests part functionality and production process quality after each of four steps in the IMSE production process:

  • Decoration and electronics printing,
  • Component surface mounting,
  • Thermoforming, and
  • Injection molding.

“Measuring performance and functionality of printed multilayer electronics that are stretched during thermoforming requires new measurement methods,” noted Miikka Kärnä, Head of Operational Excellence at TactoTek, “the data from the OptoFidelity test systems supports continuous improvement in all phases of IMSE design and production.”

TactoTek works directly with OEMs, brands and their suppliers to develop IMSE parts from concept to being ready for mass production by TactoTek-licensed manufacturers. OptoFidelity’s test systems are available in the configuration used by TactoTek, or as custom solutions to meet each customer’s specific requirements. OptoFidelity is
serving customers globally, from its offices in US, Europe and Asia.

“We are very excited to be part of the industrialization of IMSE by applying our 10+ years of robot assisted test automation to develop test systems to meet the specialized testing
requirements of TactoTek’s smart surface solutions,” said Pertti Aimonen, CEO of OptoFidelity.

OptoFidelity will present its test solutions at TactoTek’s IMSE Days 2.0, June 4-7.

About TactoTek

TactoTek is a leading provider of solutions for Injection Molded Structural Electronics
(IMSE) that integrate printed circuitry and electronic components into 3D injection molded plastics. Leading use cases include in-vehicle applications, home/industrial appliances, and wearable technology. TactoTek adapts customer designs to IMSE technology, develops  mass production ready prototypes, and mass produces or licenses the technology for 3rd party mass production. TactoTek is funded by Conor Venture Partners, Ascend Capital Partners, Faurecia Ventures, Plastic Omnium, Nanogate, VTT Ventures and Leaguer VC. For more information, please visit

About OptoFidelity

OptoFidelity is a leading technology company, developing test solutions for smart devices. OptoFidelity´s solutions cover testing of smart phones, tablets, AR/VR, Automotive and other smart technologies. Our core competence is our ability to solve our customers
challenges with technology. This comes from deep understanding of measurement
technology, robotics and automation combined with our customer-oriented mindset. OptoFidelity has delivered +5 000 test solutions globally. OptoFidelity is part of CYG (ChangYuan Group 600525.SS).

For more information, please contact:


Heini Tuorila, Marketing Director, heini.tuorila(a), +358 40 7096512

Dave Rice, SVP of Marketing, dave.rice(a), +1 503 705 5795



Pertti Aimonen, CEO, pertti.aimonen(a), +358 40 774 9259

Topics: News

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