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OptoFidelity News

2 min read

OptoFidelity announces a resell partnership agreement with Software Point

3/3/14 3:33 PM

Together with Software Point Optofidelity is able to provide a complete and cost-effective solution, QualityViewer Medical, for digital macro imaging and documentation of samples to pathology laboratories and other areas of medical research.

Thanks to all-round expertise in cameras, integrated camera systems and software integration OptoFidelity can offer visual quality control and macro imaging systems also for the area of medical research. With versatile tools, user friendly software and application integration with Software Point’s LABVANTAGE Medical Suite, OptoFidelity QualityViewer Medical helps customers to speed up their sample analyzing and research process.

Optofidelity QualityViewer Medical

OptoFidelity’s  Macro Imaging system QualityViewer Medical comes with a high resolution camera and a supporting easy to use imaging software with tools e.g for  rapid image capturing, drawing and measuring length or area. Together the system and integration with LABVANTAGE Medical Suite offer a comprehensive package for medical and pathological research.  HD Camera and other system features ease and speed up the analyzing process and minimize errors in measuring and commenting of the samples.

With the QualityViewer Medical macro imaging system integration, LABVANTAGE Medical Suite, Software Point’s laboratory information system (LIMS) for laboratory medicine, enables real-time attachment of macro images to the LIMS with on-screen annotations at the grossing workstation. Through the tight integration, digital imaging of samples becomes a seamless part of the pathology workflow managed by LABVANTAGE Medical Suite, saving time, increasing productivity and also improving patient safety.

LABVANTAGE Medical Suite

LABVANTAGE Medical Suite is a modern, all-in-one laboratory information system for healthcare laboratories, built on the market leading LIMS platform from LABVANTAGE. It integrates all medical laboratory disciplines under the same umbrella, but considers their distinct needs and workflows. With LABVANTAGE Medical suite, you can streamline entire laboratory operations, increase productivity, and reduce errors and overall costs. Ultimately, this contributes to improvement in the efficiency and quality of the laboratory work as well as to safety and quality of patient care. LABVANTAGE Medical Suite helps laboratories perform at the highest levels.

Software Point

Software Point, today a part of the international LABVANTAGE Group, is the leading North European LIMS company with two decades of experience in efficient laboratory information management. Software Point has delivered LIMS and biobank solutions to more than 500 leading laboratories in virtually all industries including healthcare, research, analytical services and manufacturing helping customers to harmonize their laboratory processes and improve the efficiency of their laboratory business.

More information:

QualityViewer Medical_En

Contact: taina.kangastupa”@”

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Annu Laine
Written by Annu Laine