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OptoFidelity News

2 min read

OptoFidelity featured in Business Finland's catalog of Finnish Mixed Reality companies

21 January 2021

OptoFidelity is featured in Business Finland's catalogue presenting Finnish companies and know-how in the field of Mixed Reality. We're in a good company since other Finnish based companies such as Varjo, Immersal, futurice and Wakeone are also featured in the catalogue.

OptoFidelity's history with AR/VR testing

OptoFidelity has been delivering Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality test solutions since 2013. Our systems focus on measuring HMD performance in both spatial and temporal test categories. This allows manufacturers to optimize the quality of the hardware and the software in their systems to achieve the best possible immersion and presence.

Competitive advantage

  • Key patents and IPR in AR & VR HMD testing and performance measurements
  • Working with TOP 3 AR/VR industry leaders for several years
  • 15 years of expertise in precision high-volume test automation, metrology, software and mechatronics
  • Off the-shelf products and tailored test solutions
  • Engineering services
  • 18 support and service teams in Europe, USA and China
  • Own manufacturing in Finland, Estonia and in China
  • 9/10 largest smartphone companies as customers including Google and Samsung
  • Strongest credit rating AAA

Ideal client

OptoFidelity's ideal AR/VR-customer is any contributor for AR/VR head mounted display perceptual quality. Customer can be a component provider, material provider, contract manufacturer, ODM or the OEM. Anyone who wants to improve and enhance their end user experience.

About OptoFidelity

OptoFidelity is an agile measurement automation partner with a wide range of expertise in smart device testing from R&D concepting to smart manufacturing.

Read more about our AR/VR testing capabilities or check our out-of shelf products BUDDY and HMD IQ which are both designed for HMD testing.

Have questions? We're happy to help you with any testing challenges. Let our test automation solutions free your time for something more valuable. Contact us via contact form or send us email to


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