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OptoFidelity News

1 min read

OptoFidelity makes a move! New US office at Plug and Play Tech Center Sunnyvale

8/28/15 12:14 PM

OptoFidelity's first six months in the US at the Nordic innovation Center in Palo Alto have been great, but we're growing out of our shoes. The robots need their space. OptoFidelity will presently be moving to the Plug and Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale. The new office is a 16 minute drive away from Palo Alto and some 20 minutes from many of our customers in Silicon Valley.

- We simply need more space than the Nordic Innovation Center can offer. We are already at maximum space capacity there. Also, the Center's small doors did not suit our robot deliveries. We need an office that can handle both the logistics of our product and our growth, says CEO Pertti Aimonen.

Starting this fall, OptoFidelity will have a permanent presence of at least two people present in the US. The Plug and Play Tech Center specializes in growing startups but is also home to many bigger companies that stay on for the innovative environment and networking possibilities.

The space solutions give companies the chance to grow flexibly without having to move. A company can start wit a single office cubicle, OptoFidelity is booking two, and expand their space when needed.

Plug and Play does not offer only office space but also financing to startups and an excellent chance for networking. The center organizes meetings with investors and specialists. Plug and Play’s network includes over 300 tech startups, 180 investors and a community of leading universities and corporate partners. Companies such as PayPal and SoundHound originate here.

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Topics: News

Annu Laine
Written by Annu Laine