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OptoFidelity News

2 min read

OptoFidelity opened manufacturing and assembly facility in Shenzhen, China

1/24/18 12:16 PM

Optofidelity team, its partners, and CYG management celebrated the opening of OptoFidelity’s factory on Thursday January 18th, 2018 in Guang Ming Hi-Tech Park, Shenzhen, China. The investment consists not only of manufacturing and assembly facilities, but also a multiplying OptoFidelity engineering presence in China.

OptoFidelity opened its Chinese subsidiary, OptoFidelity High-tech (Shenzhen) Ltd. in 2016. In the few months since opening, our capabilities have grown significantly. By the end of 2016, OptoFidelity hired sales and support teams to serve its customers in China. By end of 2017 OptoFidelity has delivered over 3000 test robots to smart-device-manufacturing centers around the country. OptoFidelity was acquired by CYG in August 2017.

OptoFidelity held an opening ceremony for its first China factory on Thursday, January 18th 2018 in Guang Ming Hi-Tech Park, north of Shenzhen City, in the heart of Pearl River Delta smart technology hub. The event was hosted by the OptoFidelity management team. Guests included partner companies and CYG. OptoFidelity has now totally new manufacturing and engineering capabilities in China. We continue to grow as independent Finnish company powered by CYG (ChangYuan Group 600525.SS) Asian capital and knowledge resources.

Erbing Lu, CEO of CYG and Pertti Aimonen, CEO of OptoFidelity Oy shaking hands at the opening ceremony

- I´m really impressed how fast we were able to push this investment through, says Pertti Aimonen, CEO of OptoFidelity. We started the investment in September and now I´m happy to see the first deliveries going out to customers in January. Big thanks belong to the local team; along with support from our parent Company CYG. Without CYG support, we wouldn’t have the opening ceremony today, Mr. Aimonen concludes.

OptoFidelity’s new China operations include not only a world class manufacturing and assembly facility, but also a strong design and manufacturing team. China operations include OptoFidelity customer support teams and engineering teams with strong knowledge of electrical, mechanical and software design for testing solutions. The total headcount of OptoFidelity China is 50 employees.

Executive Team of OptoFidelity

- Our capacity and competence in manufacturing is now what we have been looking for, General Manager (APAC) Pekka Laiho explains. Our customers have praised us for our excellent R&D and factory support. They have been asking OptoFidelity to take a leading role in manufacturing the testers. Now I´m happy to inform, that we are a full-service house. From concept development of a testing solution to full delivery and maintenance, Mr. Laiho concludes.

OptoFidelity’s new manufacturing facility and South China office is located in Guan Ming, Shenzhen. The full address is: 2F, C unit, Building A6, #3009, Guang Ming Road, Guang Ming Hi-Tech Park, Shenzhen, China. The facility includes high security manufacturing, workshop areas and office spaces for engineering teams and a customer showroom.

Read more about the factory here.

More information:

Pertti Aimonen
+358 40 774 9259

Pekka Laiho
General Manager, APAC
+86 185 6620 3525

Topics: News

Annu Laine
Written by Annu Laine