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OptoFidelity News

1 min read

OptoFidelity wins the Pirkanmaa Entrepreneurial Technology Award

11/25/16 2:23 PM

November in Finland is generally considered a dark and dreary time of year, but for OptoFidelity the month has proven especially colorful this year. After all, November has brought us a number of entrepreneurial and technology awards, as well as public recognition here in our home field in Finland. The latest of these accolades was given yesterday, when OptoFidelity was awarded the Pirkanmaa Entrepreneurial Technology Award. Such awards are a welcome acknowledgement of our hard work while also highlighting the appreciation for Finnish exports and entrepreneurship. In addition to their inherent value, they also serve as an important symbol for the efforts of everyone working at OptoFidelity. Here on Hervanta's Visiokatu, we have succeeded in creating unique products that are competitive on the global market. This success has been made possible by the willingness of entrepreneurs to ”go boldly where no one has gone before” and take risks. Furthermore, every one of our nearly 100 employees has played a role in our success story by generating ideas, solving seemingly impossible challenges, at times working around the clock, questioning tried and tested methods, spending hundreds of days a year traveling around the globe, giving 110% even for routine work and believing in what we are doing.

teknologiayrittaejyyspalkintoA growth company is its own kind of rollercoaster, and it's great that this is being recognized. However, we won't be spending any time resting on our laurels, as our sights are already set on the future. In 2017 we will be increasingly focusing our efforts on addressing the challenges presented by virtual reality. To this end we will be holding our next major product launch in February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Meanwhile the challenges resulting from Industry 4.0 and product testing will also continue to keep us humble and alert.

Read here, how the local newspaper Aamulehti summarized our founding stockholders' thoughts on entrepreneurship and the company's key moments over the years. Unfortunately this is only in Finnish.

This story gives more background information about the basis of the award.


Topics: Awards News

Annu Laine
Written by Annu Laine