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OptoFidelity HMD IQ

For measuring the image quality of augmented and virtual reality HMDs


Complete station to test HMD image quality and to calibrate devices


OptoFidelity HMD IQ is a complete station designed for testing Head Mounted Displays. The tested device may be a full near eye display system including an image source (display), projection optics (lens) and waveguide. With HMD IQ it is possible to test the image quality of various types of augmented reality and virtual reality head-mounted devices including helmets.

As HMD IQ approaches the measurement challenge from a human eye perspective, it can support VR and AR HMDs equipped with typical NED (Near Eye Display) optics like fresnel, pancakes, various waveguides and birdbath modules, just to mention a few. HMD IQ can be easily customized with a reference projector to support module-level AR testing. The reference projector is customized to match the customer’s device specifications.


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OptoEye and high-precision motion - The key components of the HMD IQ test system

The key components of the HMD IQ are the imaging unit, called OptoEye. OptoEye includes a calibrated camera and a purpose-built lens to mimic the human eye – a combination that can be fully custom-designed according to testing needs. 

The default HMD IQ test system is built on a high-precision OptoStandard robotic platform that is available in any desired dimensions. OptoFidelity’s optical alignment tools ensure that we measure in the correct eye relief position and at the desired eye box location. 


OptoEye, combined with the automated handling system called OptoFidelity FLOW, can be integrated into the production process as part of a holistic quality assurance concept to ensure both product and production process quality. A reliable and robust test system for dedicated samples delivers specific test profiles for extended test features and ease of use in a single package.


Scalable to fit R&D, manufacturing environments and different DUT configurations

Accurate positioning with optical alignment tools and high precision robotics

Designed to provide fast cycle time to test the assembled near eye display in production

Large field of view (FOV) enables image quality measurement with a single shot


Test cases

  • Eyebox
  • Field of view (FOV)
  • Uniformity
  • Checkerboard contrast
  • Michelson contrast
  • Modulation transfer function (MTF)
  • Color uniformity
  • Interpupillary distance
  • Geometric distortion
  • Relative luminance
  • Chromatic aberration
  • Color

Applicable standards

  • IEC 63145-22-10
  • IEC 63145-20-10
  • IEC 63145-20-20
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This video shows OptoFidelity HMD IQ in action. If you're interested to discuss about HMD IQ, its modularity and how it can be integrated with any test station follow the link below, send us a message and we'll take it from there!


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