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OptoFidelity TOUCH

Functional and performance testing for touch displays, display components and assemblies


Fast and accurate touch performance testing

Testing and measuring touch performance is essential to guaranteeing the functionality and quality of touch-enabled smart devices.

OptoFidelity TOUCH is an automated test system for testing chipsets, touch panels, touch-enabled user interfaces, final products and systems. Touch performance measurement is carried out on chipsets, touch panels and final products.

The system complies with Microsoft Windows HLK, Google Android Open Source Documentation and Google Espresso testing framework. 


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OptoFidelity TOUCH comes with a purpose-built GUI, test sequencer and test reporting. In addition, a scripting API is available for custom tests. The camera-based positioning feature provides a convenient and accurate way to define the location of the device under test (DUT). The smart DUT detection enables test scripting by using DUT screen coordinates and the testing of multiple DUTs in the robot work area, as well as volume testing in less time and with better accuracy. The motion control supports synchronized motions enabling all types of touch gestures.


The default TOUCH test system is delivered with factory calibration for the camera system and for the motion control accuracy. The motion control accuracy of the delivered TOUCH test system is verified with an external measurement system supporting +/-25 μm accuracy.


It takes little time to deploy the TOUCH test system. The system delivery includes on-site system setup and training which enable users to start testing right away. Support services are available to provide any needed guidance and help for further usage of the system.


Interested in measuring touch performance testing with a stylus? Read more about Touch Panel, UI and Stylus Testing or go directly to the OptoFidelity Stylus product page.



Ready made, high accuracy tool for measuring touch UI quality and usability

Comprehensive test coverage for touch development and quality assurance

Flexible and efficient test and measurement software

Provides reliable and repeatable test results data

Comparable results from the chipset level to the final product level

Supports reliability testing with 24/7 test automation

Supports automated touch testing for continuous integration

Modularity and available options enable system development


Content of delivery

  • Accurate OptoStandard (XYZ) robotic platform
  • Set of quick changeable brass fingertips
  • Changer rack for automated fingertip changing
  • Accessory: Force calibration block
  • Control box
  • Measurement PC with peripherals (display, keyboard, mouse)
  • Touch and Test (TnT) Software Suite
  • Android and iOS touch test applications to test and measure a product


Here are the optional features that can be added to default TOUCH test systems: 

  • One finger tool with force control
  • Two-finger tool with force control, controlled finger separation and Azimuth rotation
  • Multi-finger combs (supported with two-finger actuator)
  • PIT2 box for touch controller interface (supporting I2C, SPI, USB HID and CAN)
  • Test option for UI performance including high speed camera
    • Pen-to-ink latency, application open latency, UI scroll smoothness
  • Test option for automated UI functionality testing
    • Icon detection, text recognition with optical character recognition (OCR)



Test features


OptoFidelity TOUCH is used for measuring the performance of the following human-like gestures on any touch device:

  • One-finger gestures: Tap, press, swipe, drag, double tap, multi tap, circle and path
  • Two-finger gestures: Tap, swipe, pinch (zoom in/zoom out) and rotate
  • Multi-finger gestures: Tap and swipe

Test metrics:

  • Touch Accuracy, i.e. the accuracy of the tap gesture position reported by the touch panel compared to the programmed position of the tap
  • Touch Jitter, i.e. variation in detected touch screen coordinates while finger is motionless or drawing a straight line
  • Touch Linearity, i.e. how accurate the touch panel coordinates are compared to the actual, programmed position of the linear swipe gesture
  • Touch Reporting rate, i.e. the frequency of reporting in the touch panel
  • Touch Resolution, i.e. the smallest increment of position change that the touch panel is reporting
  • Touch Latency, i.e. the level of delay between the tap gesture and receiving the related touch event (touch panel level test)
  • Touch Sensitivity, i.e. the level of signal received from the touch sensor (touch panel level test)

    See more test reports about touch testing.



Watch a video

This video shows OptoFidelity TOUCH in action. If you're interested to discuss about TOUCH, its modularity and how it can be integrated with any test station follow the link below, send us a message and we'll take it from there!


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