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Automotive Infotainment Testing

Measuring system reliability, functionality and performance

World-class test solutions for automotive infotainment systems and connectivity


OptoFidelity Automotive test suite: The most advanced testing tools for human interaction inside the vehicle. The Automotive test suite is based on OptoFidelity test platforms that have been modified to match Automotive industry needs. Typically our deliveries also include customer-specific parts and integration as well as interfacing to customer systems.


Our testing expertise covers the following areas

  • Touch sensors and novel embedded haptic interior electronics
  • Infotainment system performance and reliability (HW & SW)
  • Infotainment system functionality and connectivity
  • Display quality: uniformity, color performance, luminance


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Touch sensor and embedded interior electronics

OptoFidelity’s offering for automotive touch sensor testing includes touch sensor accuracy and performance testing with similar methods that we have earlier developed for the smartphone industry. Read more about touch performance testing and check the related test reports on Touch Panel, Stylus & Touch UI testing.

For embedded electronics used in car interiors, we offer end-of-line testers and electric functional testers. The end-of-line testers focus on haptic feedback measurements and verification, and on LED indicator testing: color performance, luminance and uniformity testing. The testing technology is based on similar methods as in smart device testing, but further developed with our partners to suit perfectly to embedded interior materials and concepts.

Additional information about electrical functional testers (FCT testers) can be found at Electrical Testing and Verification. We also have a case example related to embedded electronics testing, namely IMSE testing technology that has been developed with our partner, TactoTek. Also, read more about our capabilities in force and haptics feedback testing and calibration.


Typical test features

  • Touch accuracy, ghosting, false touch events
  • Touch latency
  • Force and haptics feedback testing and calibration
  • LED performance (color, uniformity, luminance)
  • Electrical functionality (Resistance, capacitance, diode voltage/current tests, shortcut tests)


Infotainment system performance and reliability testing

Typically in the early phases of infotainment system development, the HW, Operation System (OS) and even some applications are developed in parallel. OptoFidelity Touch automated test robots are used in the automated performance and reliability testing of the system. Using Optical Character recognition and automated tools, the test robot can perform tasks similar to the end user using an infotainment UI. This automatic testing method brings huge value, since the SW testing tools may not be able to simulate the functionalities fully, or, due to the early phase in HW development, the SW testing tools cannot yet be fully utilized.


Typical test features

  • Performance tests (latency: touch -> screen event)
  • UI and apps response times
  • UI and apps consistency between screens, versions, geography
  • Button testing
  • Force and haptics feedback testing and calibration
  • Camera and video performance
  • Connectivity performance
  • Reliability

A typical test system setup includes OptoFidelity TOUCH test robot with selected instrumentation.


Infotainment system functionality and connectivity testing


Functionality and connectivity are another topical matters for infotainment system testing, where robot based automatic testing creates value. Functional and connectivity testing can typically be performed with the same system as performance testing.

Why use robots instead of SW testing tools? The robot based test cases typically include functional tests that either cannot be performed fully with SW tools only or they frequently need hard booting. On top of that, Android Automotive and Apple CarPlay related connectivity testing is effective and straightforward to do with the help of OptoFidelity TOUCH test platform.


Typical test cases

  • Hard booting
  • Audio & media connectivity

Infotainment display quality, performance and uniformity


Our infotainment display quality testing offers similar tools to smart device display testing (microleds, OLED, LCD displays) in terms of color performance, uniformity, MURA, luminance and small particles. More information can be found at: Display Inspection & Calibration.


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