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Display Inspection & Calibration

Display quality inspection


Display quality contributes heavily to the overall quality and end user experience of smart devices. OptoFidelity offers custom-built display inspection solutions for R&D and production. Test solutions can include inspection of display modules, sub-assemblies and final products.

OptoFidelity display inspection supports the display quality inspection of HMDs, smartphones, automotive infotainment displays and tablet computers, high-resolution displays, TV screens of any size as well as wearables, such as smartwatches. The system is delivered as a fully assembled cabinet construction, or it can also be integrated into existing test environments.

OptoFidelity display inspection utilizes years of machine vision and optical measurement experience to select the most suitable combination of optics, cameras and software modules. Depending on the selected components, the inspection can be done quickly by simply inspecting large-scale variation such as MURA and color uniformity, or by designing a high-resolution imaging system to support uLED display calibration at the single pixel level. As the system is designed to support main machine vision matrix cameras, the most optimal camera and lens combination can therefore be selected based on measurement need. If a single camera is not enough, the imaging capability can be extended by using multi-camera systems for larger screens or robot-mounted cameras for curved displays or viewing angle analysis. The camera and lens are always delivered as a pre-calibrated package to ensure repeatable and accurate measurements in all imaging conditions.

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Customer cases

Here are the two recent cases where custom designed display inspection solutions were delivered to our customers.


Case: Accurate color measurement over whole display active area

One of our clients needed a turn key solution for measurement system, which can perform accurate color measurement over the whole display active area. Usually accurate color measurement devices measure only a spot on the display, but the possible color uniformity issues cannot be observed. Another way to measure color is to use imaging colorimeter, which requires multiple images to achieve color data. Either of these were suitable for our client. Accurate color measurement requires a minimum accuracy of ±4% in luminance and ±0.002 in CIE1931 x y color space.

Standard bayer matrix based RGB color cameras do not have enough color resolution to reach desired accuracy, so a novel 3CMOS camera were chosen to perform color measurement. To ensure the accuracy, an ASTM E1336-11 and ISO-13655:2009 compatible spectrometer was selected to perform spot measurement, which results were used to correlate 3CMOS camera result for whole display active area. The delivery contained an efficient and accurate color measurement system, which supports multiple display types and sizes, suitable for both lab and manufacturing use.

Status: Accomplished


Case: Semi-automated display quality inspection tool for production



Another client needed a single quality inspection tool to inspect display quality, device LED light condition, and touch performance.


There has not been anything that contains all three areas of inspection, but OptoFidelity combined its technology assents and designed the exact solution to meet customer’s needs. The resulting tester contains an RGB imaging camera for display quality inspection and LED performance analysis. Display inspection was integrated with robot assisted touch tester validate touch performance and display performance at once. Integrated tester decreased the handling and overall validation time.

Status: Accomplished

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