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Functional Testing of Refurbished Smart Devices

Complete functional testing for refurbished smartphones

At OptoFidelity we're able to provide complete functional testing for refurbished smartphones. Our off-the-shelf functional and display quality testers are called FUSION and SCORE. FUSION is an all-in-one functional tester whereas SCORE is primarily designed for display quality inspection.  

The smartphone refurbishment business is continuously growing. In 2018, the smartphone refurbishment business was the 4th largest segment in the smartphone industry.

OptoFidelity has been serving the smartphone refurbishment segment since 2017. Our efforts are driven by increasing the confidence and satisfaction among refurbished smartphone consumers. We bring trusted value to returned and used smartphones.

Our customers include telecom operators, logistics, refurbishment and repair centers, online sellers and marketplaces, and insurance companies.

OptoFidelity FUSION

OptoFidelity serves customers by providing them with automated solutions for:

  • Diagnostics and full functional testing of smartphone HW
  • Display defects and cosmetic inspection
  • Data wipe and reset to factory default
  • Sorting and grading
OptoFidelity FUSION

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