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High Accuracy Motion Robotics

OptoStandard - OptoFidelity's multipurpose robotic test platform

OptoStandard is a modern and accurate linear motor based configurable multipurpose testing platform for R&D and production testing. For example OptoFidelity TOUCH, STYLUS and HMD IQ can be built on top of this platform.

OptoStandard utilizes the latest generation controller that enables easy re-fitting and maintenance, increasing the effective life-cycle of the testing platform. OptoStandard is manufactured in standard 640 mm and 320 mm frame widths. Custom dimensions are available on request.

The system can be equipped with more than just one Y-stage that minimizes the DUT (Device Under Test) changeover time. OptoStandard uses a case specific Z-unit that provides test tools and features, such as force-controlled tool tip, swivel tip, tool tip changer, rotating tool tip, etc. that can be customized to suit highly specific needs.

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A list of other robotic platforms we've used so far

We at OptoFidelity have extensive expertise in delivering solutions equipped with various different types of robotics:

  • Desktop robots (cartesian)
  • Scara robots
  • Delta robots
  • Articulated arm robots
  • Gantry style robots
  • Multiple axis robots

Our scalable robot platforms cover all needs from R&D to production testing.


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