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Industrial Electronics, Smart Machinery and Medical Industry

Tailored measurement solutions for Industry 4.0 smart factories 

If a standard robot is not an option, OptoFidelity can design a fully automated and customized test and assembly solution. We have designated resources in the EU, Asia and the USA and a proven track record in the delivery and set-up of thousands of test systems globally. You can browse an interactive brochure done together with some of our technology partners here.  


Industrial electronics

Here are some examples of the fully customized test systems we have worked on for customers in industrial electronics:

  • Customized remote camera control system for harsh conditions
  • Machine vision system for shaft inspection
  • Fast resistance measurements in consumption test
  • Hexapod system, 3D vision optical alignment
  • Digital microphone tester
  • Automated video test environment
  • Laser chip tester
  • Light sensitivity measurement
  • Force correlation measurement
  • A robot-controlled and semi-automated visual inspection of chips
  • Semi-automated silicon wafer production system
  • Optical measurement systems for nano meter accuracy



Industrial Smart Machinery

Here are some examples of the fully customized test systems we have worked on for customers in industrial smart machinery environment:

  • Teleoperation systems
  • Software tools to support R&D development
  • Machine vision system to measure chain strain, wear and tear inspection
  • Measurement system for hydraulics components
  • Bus door force measurement system
  • LCD display measurement application
  • Copper cathode analysis
  • Teleoperation and guidance systems for harbor cranes and mining industry
  • Machine vision for manufacturing automation

Medical industry

These are some examples of the fully customized test systems we have worked on for customers in the medical industry.

  • Machine vision system for checking the markings of inhalators
  • Vacuum chamber system (compliant with FDA 21 and CFR Part 11 regulations) created with LabVIEW Real-time module
  • Test platform for health technology
  • Steering, measurement and reporting platform for hyperbaric chamber
  • Machine vision for production lines with high accuracy compliant with FDA 21 and CFR Part 11 regulations
  • Optical measurement systems for nanometer accuracy for R&D

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