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Touch Panel, UI & Stylus Testing

Human-simulating testing to efficiently provide the test data and metrics to develop and validate the product's touch UI quality and performance

Touchscreens are used in diverse fields of electronics

The touchscreen is a vital component of consumer electronics. Touchscreens are used in smartphones as well as other types of smart devices, such as smartwatches, tablets, white goods and in automotive infotainment. Touchscreens are commonly used also in medical, industrial and commercial applications as well as in info displays.

Touch-enabled displays come in many sizes and shapes; from tiny smartwatches to large monitors and info displays with rectangular, rounded, flat, curved or even foldable physical shapes. A touch UI is usually controlled with various finger, hand or stylus gestures.




Human-simulating approach in smart device testing

Despite their diversity, touchscreens have one thing in common: the quality of a touchscreen is based on the end users' perceptions. Motivated by this fact, OptoFidelity has adopted a so-called human-simulating approach in designing automated test systems for demanding customers. In addition to having human-like test systems, we also think it's important to understand the timing – when something should be tested. To create the best possible end user experience, it is important to perform appropriate testing on every stage of the product's life cycle.


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See the table below for a better understanding of what kind of touch-related testing we recommend for each stage in the product's lifecycle.


Testing touch features throughout the product's life cycle 

Phase 1: Technology selection
Benchmark tests with touch panel and controller
  • Touch accuracy, resolution, jitter, reporting rate and linearity for one-finger, two-finger and multi-finger gestures as well as noise floor.
  • Touch controller features, e.g, hand rejection, liquid rejection and touch performance in long duration tests.
Phase 2: Product design and integration
Testing and tuning with product hardware
  • Touch accuracy, resolution, jitter, reporting rate and linearity for one finger, two finger and multi-finger gestures as well as noise floor.
  • Touch controller features, e.g. hand rejection, liquid rejection, touch performance in long-duration tests.
Phase 3: Product development
Testing and tuning with the complete product (including full software)
  • Touch UI performance: application open times, smoothness of UI scrolling, pen-to-ink latency.
  • Touch UI functionality: automated end user sequences with robotics actuation (regression test, test automation for continuous integration).
  • Touch UI accuracy, resolution, jitter, reporting rate and linearity for one-finger, two-finger and multi-finger gestures.
Phase 4: Product manufacturing
Calibration and quality assurance
  • Signal levels matching the touch controller thresholds, spatial touch calibration for high-accuracy use cases (stylus).
  • Quality assurance for touch panel functionality and checking complete assembly (end-of-line test).

Phase 5: Product after-sales
Automated tests

  • Automated UI functional tests for continuous integration (e.g, OTA updates).
  • Touch calibration and test for repair centers.

In addition to touch performance and functional testing...

...we at OptoFidelity are experienced in measuring many other features of the smart devices too! Click the links below to get more information about each of the topics:

Couldn't find what you're looking for? No worries. The best way to start solving testing challenges is to discuss about it with an expert. Let us help you - just contact us and we'll take it from there.


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