OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger Force Calibration and Testing System at Display Week 2016

Tags: Touch testing

We are presenting our latest innovation OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger at Display Week on May 24-26, 2016. OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger is an ideal solution for force calibration and testing. It is suitable for both displays and active styluses.

We measured the Force Touch enabled phones with OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger Force Calibration and Testing System. Come and see OptoFidelity™ GoldFinger and the products being tested with detailed information at our booth #1246!

OptoFidelity Force Measurement

Welcome to Display Week 2016! If you would like to schedule a meeting please contact us at marketing@nulloptofidelity.com and receive your personal priority code for registration.

See you at Display Week!


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