OptoFidelity strengthens expertise at USA market

OptoFidelity is building a stronger presence on the growing markets in the USA. At the moment OptoFidelity “Team USA” has three members to provide local technical expertise. 

OptoFidelity has two sales persons in Silicon Valley, Jari Konttinen and Juha Lystila. The primary contact in the USA is Jari Konttinen. Field Application Engineer Jere Tuulkari will be transferring from our Finland headquarters to Silicon Valley starting at September. Jere Tuulkari will focus on technical issues and support for our customers.

OptoFidelity USA contact information:

Primary sales contact: Jari Konttinen: jari.konttinen“@”optofidelity.com
Sales: Juha Lystilä: juha.lystila”@”optofidelity.com
Technical questions and customer support: Jere Tuulkari: jere.tuulkari“@”optofidelity.com

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