OptoFidelity TPPT tester proved significant fails in Apple iPhone touch accuracy

Tags: Smartphone

Out of curiosity, OptoFidelity test patrol engineers wanted to see what differences in performance our untouchable robot systems could find between iPhone 5 S and iPhone C and would that difference guide consumer to pick right version. Results were quite unexpected. Both iPhone models have a serious lack of touch accuracy which effects directly to user experience. We measured iPhone touch accuracy with 5S  and C -models and compared the results to Samsung S3. We tested as well the general performance of the phones.

Attached report shows the results and how the measurement was made.

Why did we do this kind of own measurement cases?

As a company, our mission is to fight against poor manual testing and show that investment in right testing automation can pay back in more qualified applications and devices as well as more satisfied end-user user experience. And yes, we want to arouse manufactures, as well as the whole industry, to be aware of what bad testing and compromise can lead to.

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