OptoFidelity WatchDog now with higher speed camera

OptoFidelity WatchDog is a revolutionary measurement instrument for analyzing user interface latency and response times during the whole R&D phase. In addition to response times, OptoFidelity WatchDog can be used for measuring user response times to the information of the display. WatchDog is now tuned for higher resolution and higher speeds.

Higher speed and accuracy guarantee even more accurate measurement results

The time resolution of the new WatchDog camera is as high as 600 frames per second. As the speed is higher, also the image quality is improved. Thanks to higher resolution the image area can be exploited better and images are sharper.

WatchDog can now also be used for MultiDUT measurements: you can select various areas form the use area of one camera, while the resolution still remains good.

Read more on WatchDog from the WatchDog product page and learn more about the WatchDog features.

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