Coming soon: Test System for Windows HCK Testing

OptoFidelity  is in a process of releasing an automated solution for pre-certifying the touch sensor in new devices with Windows operating system. Automated in-house testing minimizes the risk of a failed certification, which would have severe effects on product launch schedule and certification costs.

If you have new or updated devices, systems, or peripheral hardware that you want available for Windows, you must certify them and the product must pass testing using the Windows HCK. When you certify your products for Windows, you help create high-quality, end-to-end hardware experiences. Microsoft has also invested heavily into user studies and developing requirements in order to harmonize user experience across devices. If you pass Microsoft requirements, there’s a good chance to pass any other customer’s requirements.

When the expected turnaround time to certify one device for touch at the Windows Touch Test Lab is about 10 business days, OptoFidelity robotic automation speeds up the testing process and provides repeatable, consistent results and eliminates operator error.

Both OptoFidelity Windows HCK and OptoFidelity Touch Panel Performance Test systems utilize OptoFidelity platform Touch & Test Suite. This core element of OptoFidelity test automation enables the usage of the robot for both Windows HCK and touch panel testing. When OptoFidelity Touch Panel Performance Test System is based on the same Microsoft specification than HCK testing, the system can be used for (preliminary) touch testing already from the beginning of R&D phase.

Since the robotic automation for Windows HCK Testing in under a state of development, we update videos and Product Brief regularly.

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