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OptoFidelity SCOUT

Flexible Imaging Station

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Automated image quality measurement system of AR/XR head-mounted displays

OptoFidelity SCOUT is a versatile image quality tester for AR/VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). It can accommodate a wide range of HMD designs offering customers the flexibility to test various devices. SCOUT’s 6-axis robotics and adaptive device under test (DUT) holders ensure convenience during assembly or development stages. In the world of AR and VR, achieving optimal visual experiences is paramount. SCOUT helps you achieve exceptional visual experience from your AR/VR HMDs and redefine the perception of reality.  Its 6-axis robotics and adaptive device under test (DUT) holders ensure convenience especially in development stages. SCOUT offers a comprehensive evaluation of visual performance, measuring factors like eye-box, field of view (FOV), binocular disparity, contrast ratios, color accuracy, geometric distortion, and more. By streamlining the development cycle and ensuring superior image quality, SCOUT contributes to the continuous evolution of AR and VR technologies. Reach exceptional visuals with the help of SCOUT and redefine your perception of reality.

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Quick & easy to learn and take into use

Rapid and sturdy DUT mounting capabilities

Intuitive user interface swift set-up

Maximum diagonal field of view (FOV) with one-shot capture and Maximum FOV with multiple shots

Capability to export captured images for custom analyses

Features OptoFidelity OptoEYE Lens

Precise color measurement utilizing OptoColor camera with filter wheel and spectrometer

Leica calibrated 6-axis robotics for flexibility and accuracy

Automated sequences for measurements


Watch the video

This video shows OptoFidelity's SCOUT in action.

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