SPA – Scroll Performance Analyzer – Now as a standalone version

OptoFidelity SPA is a camera based non-intrusive tool for measuring user interface animation smoothness directly from the display. Previously OptoFidelity SPA has been add-on tool for OptoFidelity WatchDog, but now you can purchase SPA also as a standalone measurement instrument.   OptoFidelity SPA does not require any modification to device under test, you can just play you test case and OptoFidelity SPA will do the rest.

OptoFidelity SPA is designed to measure basic functions of mobile device operations such as animations and transitions. When mobile device user is navigating between different screens with swipes and other gestures devices are responding to gestures with various animations. Standard OptoFidelity SPA measures these functions with content refresh rate. The content movement speed measurement is selectable option for standard package. Acquisition speed of standard package is 350fps. Higher resolution and higher speed camera can be selected as an option.

Examples of test cases:

  • browser swipe: User swipes web page to navigate in web-page ->A swipe content is moving to direction of swipe
  • map zoom in: User zooms in by using two fingers ->map application is drawing close up with few steps
  • image gallery flick: User flicks the image -> image is moved out of the display and the next image is drawn to display

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